Christmas in Polignano a Mare, Puglia

Christmas in Polignano a Mare, Puglia

Lights, an artist atmosphere for a unique Christmas in Polignano a Mare.

Christmas 2019

"Nel blu dipinto di luci" in Polignano a Mare. The magic of artist lights enchants visitors. This year the lights that illuminate the historic center of the city have a peculiarity: they are dedicated to Domenico Modugno and Pino Pascali, the two most famous polignanesi characters in the world. The streets of the old town have a magical taste, illuminated in a fabolous atmosphere. A unique event to celebrate Christmas, a way to breathe even more the festive air!

The lights that enchant the city

"Nel blu dipinto di luci" is the event that is enchanting visitors to Polignano a Mare. From 30th of November to 6th of January, throughout the Christmas period, the historic centre of the city will continue to shine thanks to amazing lights. Christmas is not Christmas without lights and those of Polignano a Mare are really beautiful. Walking through the central streets you can immerse yourself in a real colorful and bright party. The artist's lights were made by the specialized farm Meta Lux of Roccasecca (FR), born thanks to the talent and to the ingenuity of the Meta brothers and their father in their craft workshop.
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Polignano a Mare full of lights of all shapes and colors

“Nel blu dipinto di luci”, as the name suggests, it is a real Christmas party that turns Polignano a Mare into a real Christmas village. The squares and the main streets of Polignano are illuminated in an extraordinary sparkling of light, with lights of all shapes and colors. Three-dimensional puppets alternate with two-dimensional figures, with bright tones of typical Christmas colors, such as red, yellow, green. In the sky decorations of varied lights create a truly fabulous atmosphere. Fantastic animals, stars, Christmas ornaments give life to a magic to live. And there is also the very high tree, with red lights, in the center of the main square Aldo Moro, while on the seafront an enormous lamp of Aladdin waits for passers-by to make true their every desire.

The talent of Modugno and Pascali relives in the lights of "Nel blu dipinto di luci"

This year "Nel blu dipinto di luci" has a peculiarity: many lights are dedicated to the two most celebrated polignanesi characters in the world: Domenico Modugno and Pino Pascali. The words of the song "Nel blu dipinto di blu", certainly the most famous of those written by Modugno and from which is taken the name of the Christmas event of Polignano a Mare, scattered throughout Via Roma, illuminate the sky, while a bright guitar keeps company to the statue of the famous singer a short walk from the sea. A long blue tail of cetacean seems to come out at Lama Monachile, the beach of Polignano a Mare, reproducing one of the best-known works of the art of Pino Pascali. Music and sculpture become the protagonists of Polignano a Mare's Christmas, bringing to life immortal names such as Modugno and Pascali.

Christmas between artistic lights and Christmas events

"Nel blu dipinto di luci" is not only markets, lights and Christmas music, but also many events that will give the opportunity to visitors to discover all the magic of Christmas that Polignano a Mare can give in these days of celebration. Exhibitions, shows, perfomances of all kinds will entertain tourists, giving the opportunity to enjoy even more of the Christmas village. A way to have fun against the background of the most beautiful lights in Puglia.

"Nel blu dipinto di luci." An unmissable event for Polignano a Mare

"Nel blu dipinto di luci" is an event not to be missed. Polignano a Mare becomes even more fascinating with its artist lights. Not just bright decorations, but real works of art to admire to enjoy a magical Christmas. This year the entry to the event is free and you can visit "Nel blu dipinto di luci" every day.

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