Brindisi: history, culture and taste

The province of Brindisi marks the transition between the land of Bari and Lecce Tavoliere, despite being already full members of the Salento peninsula.

The hinterland has always been tied to the development of the capital and its maritime commerce. The port of Brindisi, in fact, was important in the days of'Roman Empire for relations with the East. This natural harbor has been almost a must for the Romans to the Crusaders and Venetian merchants. The company "Case of India" at the end of 800 he chose this city for rail links with the East Sea and today continues to be the best harbor for Italy for relations with Greece.

Today is a marina, commercial and industrial, one of the most important of the Adriatic Sea. The mercantile concernscoal, fuel oil, natural gas, chemicals.

The port consists of three parts:

  • The Outer Harbor: the limits of which are in the south to the mainland, the islands Pedagne east, west the island of St. Andrew and the pier in Costa Morena Dam and north of Punta Rice.
  • The harbor is formed by the middle of sea that lies before the canal Pigonati.
  • The Inner Harbor is formed by two long arms that touch the center of Brindisi, both north and east, called "bosom western" and "bosom of the east".

Bustling industrial center of the Salento peninsula, Brindisi is active in agriculture and industry, especially chemical and energy.

The grandeur of the Aragonese Castle and the Swabian castle, the fountain of Tancred, the Roman columns are just some of the beauties Brindisi offers its visitors.

The territory also includes Brindisino:

Mesa, a small town full of exhibits that allow students to trace the traces of ancient civilizations messapica.

The most representative Mesa is undoubtedly the castle.

Another must is the Mother Church, dedicated to All Saints, one of the best examples of Baroque Brindisi, built between 1649 and 1660, and, for lovers of history and archeology, the Museum Granafei.

Oria, the city has ancient origins: it was municipium Roman and later under the Greeks, the Lombards, the Byzantines, becoming the theater of many battles. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, Emperor Frederick II declared the state town and set off a massive fortification that culminated with the construction of a castle in the upper part of the city.

Many places of historical, artistic and cultural visit, in addition to the Swabian castle, rock churches built as a result of foreign invasions in the town of the city, the basilica dedicated to Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, radically restructured following the earthquake of 1756, the tower Palomba, also called Carnara tower, built by Messapi.

So many traditions connected to this land, but also historical reenactments in costume which each year attract tourists from all over Europe. The Historical Procession of Frederick II, who held the second Saturday in August, recalls the splendor of the imperial court and the participation of more than 400; the day after the tournament takes place instead of wards, where knights representatives of four city ​​neighborhoods challenge to ride the ring and fighting with swords and mazzeferrate.

Cellino San Marco, the birthplace of Albano Romina Power.

Latimer, is a country rich in rural churches. Several local restaurants where you can taste the wines and foods of tradition; birthplace of Blessed Bartolo Longo.

Among the many resorts on the coast, shows the beautiful and pristine protected oasis of Torre Guaceto, particularly suitable for those who love contact with nature.

Typical Products

  • Brindisi products with DOC Malvasia
  • Oil produced in the area

These places are few kilometers away from each other, thus Puglia Open Tour offers excursions in Brindisi.

Puglia Tour Open can customize your travel itinerary according to your needs.

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