Tourtis Friends. Free tourist and cultural information.

"Tourist Friends" is a free information service, tourism and culture, innovative, environmentally friendly and fun-focused public administration and various public and private, designed and built as part of the services offered by open Puglia Tour

Puglia Open Tour è curatrice del servizio Tourist Friends

The heart of the project is the use of bicycles and Segways, the development of Information Points Furniture (PIM).

The idea of ​​creating the PIM (Mobile Information Points) arises from the need to improve the supply of traditional PIT (Tourist Information Points).These are often insufficient and not well positioned, unlike the PIM can be present in the most significant and important city

such as, for example, pedestrian areas and tourist sites where you can not build that PIT should be to affect the urban landscape.

How to make the service

The "Tourist Family", "friends of the tourist", are young dynamic spirit, motivation, love of their land with high professionalism in the tourism, culture and communication, and on board of Bicycle and Segway, electric vehicles and sustainable become real Mobile Information Points (IMPs).

The Tourist Friends may be present in the main pedestrian areas and tourist sites, the showcase and represent the host city of Ns and Ns territory.

Onboard Bike and Segway, the boys from Puglia Open Tour - Tourist Friends, offer the visitor (and occasional tourist) tourist and cultural information of high quality, allowing him to spend the most of your stay, organize leisure and optimize their circuits to visit and leisure.

The Bike and Segway (means acceptable to circulate in town centers and pedestrian areas) personalized with the logo of the City and / or the Province and / or region and advocacy, will be able to physically reach the tourists and / or occasional visitors , to give them all the required information and suggest how to visit the best that our city.

The visitor will not have to search for points of information scattered throughout the city, but the information will come directly to him.

The Tourist Friends will also provide, assistance to the citizens and tourists, through a careful and timely communication with them, and will be excellent allies to build local promotion campaigns, aimed at communicating the activities of the City, events and sponsored events from the Puglia region and / or the Province.


  • Zero expenses for PA (thanks to the ingenuity of Puglia Open Tour, Tourist Friends is the project at no cost to the government, has a winning strategy and the use, in collaboration with the Public Administration, resources from the Service National Civil).
  • Welcoming tourists and territorial unique, innovative and low environmental impact: modernity, technology and ecology in the service of the Administration.
  • Strategic positioning: the Tourist Friends may be present in the main pedestrian areas and tourist sites.
  • Wide dissemination of information and local promotions.
  • Approach of institutions to citizens.
  • High visibility with high impact visual communication and emotional.
  • Creation of youth employment.

Moreover, the activities of Tourist Friends raise immediately a very high media interest from television, newspapers and radio, all for the benefit of the public administration and promotion of tourism and territorial.

Human Resources

Human resources come from the territory: young, dynamic and motivated people who love their land, selected from Puglia Open Tour in collaboration with the Public Administration, follow a curriculum that suited testifies to the quality of the service of communication and cultural tourism.

Puglia Tour Open curator of the Friends Tourist Service will follow and will cooperate with public authorities at every stage of the service, from finding staff to their training.

Finding staff:

  • Civil Service, on a purely voluntary.
  • Internship training in accordance with schools and universities releasing credits.
  • Community work
  • Volunteer and / or other forms of voluntary participation by well-organized associations and / or all non-profit cooperatives, so at the cost of zero.
  • Economic subsidies by the Regions or the European Union, for the promotion of the area.


Tourist board The Friends of Bicycle and Segway will be recognized and institutionalized by attractive uniforms and signs of recognition of unique and attractive, so as to be easily identified by all those who need help, directly on the territory, without having to look for fixed points of information.

The Tourist Friends of custom clothing includes:

  • T-Shirts
  • Bonnet
  • Identification card institutionalized

The clothing also includes the continued presence of the coat of arms / body in which the service operates.

The Bicycle and Segway are specially customized with the logo of the City / Agency in which the service operates Tourist Friends, maintaining, however, some characteristics typical of the brand.

The Brand "Tourist Family" OPEN TOUR of Apulia, is a brand that identifies the revolutionary COMMUNICATION service, tourist and cultural information available aboard the Segway and Bicycle and allows immediate recognition on the part of tourists and citizens.

All this is possible thanks to PUGLIA OPEN TOUR - Tourist Friend

Thanks to its extreme flexibility and multiplicity of use of the Segway are able to marry the needs of the Municipal Police, the State Forestry Corps, the Carabinieri, the Italian Red Cross, beach monitoring services.

... the Segway is able to move on land most unexpected.

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