Puglia Imperiale

Puglia Imperiale is identified in the counties of Trani-Andria and Barletta, in a territory characterized by Murgian headlands that descend towards Valley Ofanto

This area gathers some of the region's main cultural heritage: Federician castles, Romanesque cathedrals, prehistoric dolmens, art galleries and museums of great importance.


On the traces of the Emperor

A question arises spontaneously to those who are found to see the isolated Castel del Monte, high on the top of a dominant large part of Puglia and Basilicata: Why build a caste in a position that differs from the traditional axes of strategic control of the region?

The answer would be even more embarrassing if the castle had preserved the original appearance and it was still covered with marbles and adorned with statues, elements all removed two centuries ago, when the complex became a refuge for shepherds and brigors. In fact, the site was chosen because it was the place that, better than others, allowed to control the landscape of the birds in spring and autumn. Frederick II wanted that building in order to better exercise his passion for hunting

Considered by some scholars as an esoteric construction that has transferred the astrological concepts of the epoch of Frederick II into the stone, the Castle was built between 1240 and 1250 and it constitutes one of the most convincing Norman architectures of Southern Italy.

Along the coast, mountains of salt.

The visit of the saline, to the northwest of the town of Margherita di Savoia, is particularly interesting in the summer when the mineral is harvested.

Their name was given in 1879, in honor of the first queen of Italy, but the exploitation of the saline along the Adriatic coast of the Gulf of Manfredonia has a much older origin because Romans used them for the extraction of salt in III century B.C.

The saline stretches for almost 20 kilometers with a depth varying between 2 and 5 km and they are among the most extensive and important in Europe.

The suggestion of the places continues through the visit of

Barletta, known for the famous Challenge of Barletta and for events related to the commemoration of the historic carousel of 13 February 1503; Barletta was recognized as a city of art by Puglia Region in 2005 for its architectural beauties.

Trani, a city along the Adriatic coast, known for its Cathedral, a splendid example of Apulian Romanesque architecture.

Andria, a populous centre at the eastern slopes of Murge, in an area intensely cultivated with cereals, vines and especially olive trees.

The Northern territory of Barese-Ofantino, also includes the Municipalities of Bisceglie, Canosa di Puglia, Corato, Margherita di Savoia, Minervino Murge, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Spinazzola, and Trinitapoli. It offers clear and recognizable tourism opportunities and experiences, such as cultural heritage, agritourism and Mediterranean cuisine, leisure and evening attractions in the historic and coastal centres.

Moreover, the territory of the sixth county is well distinguished considering that some municipalities, such as Andria, Minervino Murge and Spinazzola, are part of the National Park of Alta Murgia.

Typical Products

In a territory linked in an indissoluble way to the sea and its products, typical dishes based on fish and seafoodstrong> excel.

Traveling in these places we also recommend to taste the famous “confetti” of Andria, the precious Red wine Doc Barletta and the oil of Minervino Murge.

In collaboration with the main Italian Tour Operators, Puglia Open Tour offers excursions into Puglia Imperiale.

Puglia Open Tour can personalize your travel itinerary according to your needs.

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